Žymos: l baterijas, hubsan h501s rc dalys, gpgb kaukė, 3 gopro, atveju gopro max, vaizdo kamera gopro, go pro camera, skiltyje akaso, goro majima, ge li ion battery.

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Baterija Suderinama:

GoPro AHDBT-201

GoPro AHDBT-301

GoPro AHDBT-302

Įkroviklis Suderinamas:

GoPro ACARC-001

GoPro AWALC-001

GoPro AHBBP-301

Suderinama su šiais modeliais:

GoPro AHDBT-201

GoPro AHDBT-301

GoPro AHDBT-302

GoPro HD HERO3 White Edition

GoPro HD HERO3 Silver Edition

GoPro HD HERO3 Black Edition

GoPro HD HERO3+ Silver Edition

GoPro HD HERO3+ Black Edition 1pcs Baterija (jūsų pasirinkti) 2vnt Baterija (jūsų pasirinkti) 3pcs Baterija (jūsų pasirinkti) 4pcs Baterija (jūsų pasirinkti) 1pcs Baterija + kroviklis (jūsų pasirinkti) 2vnt Baterija + kroviklis (jūsų pasirinkti) 3pcs Baterija + kroviklis (jūsų pasirinkti) 4pcs Baterija + kroviklis (jūsų pasirinkti)

  • Prekės Pavadinimas: probty
  • Pakuotė: Taip
  • Įkrovimo: Taip
  • Sertifikavimo: CE
  • Tipas: Standartinė Baterija, Li-on Baterijos
  • Įtampa: 3.7V
  • Garantija: 12 mėnesių
  • Modelio Numeris: AHDBT-301 AHDBT301
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Naudoti: GoPro HD HERO3 HERO3+
  • Talpa: 1680 mAh

Delivered to the Post Office in Samara for 2 months and nine days. Packing is a package from the "pupyrki". Inside 4 battery in plastic boxes and charger in a bag and carton. No damage. The seller independently extended the protection period for 30 days, but the goods came in a week. The charger is light, the plastic looks good. In 50 minutes, I charged one pair of batteries (batteries, according to the readings of the charger, profits charged at 51-75%, three divisions), the charger turned off automatically. A brief instruction to the W/U and a mini USB cord to attach to the usual phone power supply included. Batteries in the camera have not yet put. At work I will add a review. I recommend both the goods and the good seller. Thank you!
Long PPC. Well, the dispute opened. Lithium chtoli is bad across the border.
Order and days only! Shipping the grid to Ali Express gel fast in summer! Battery lasting time is still used for Ramos are different countries apply with only one way forward.
Good quality goods. Delivery about a month. Charger included!!!

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